Launch Masslookingstories now.
Get up to 100,000 new visits and subscribers per month with the latest technology for viewing stories!
How does mass storage work ?
Mass viewing of stories on Instagram is a completely new technology that allows you to appear in the list of watched stories of millions of users. When a user sees your account, he becomes curious and visits your page, interacts with publications and becomes your reader.
Why choose to view Stories?
Massbulking is the most effective method of interacting with your audience!
Lack of limits
Up to 1,000,000 Instagram user stories per day can be viewed daily! Unbelievable, but it is a fact!
Fresh technology
At the moment, almost no one uses mass-hunting, which gives you an advantage!
Combines with other methods!
You can combine technology with mass follow or cyclic like without fear!
Examples of increased engagement with mass storytelling:
The cost of our service
Choose a tariff depending on your needs and on any wallet
Fun week
Your account looks up to 30,000,000 stories of your CA per day


Your page will be visited by up to 100,000 users

$7/ week

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Your account looks up to 30,000,000 stories of your CA per day


Your page will be visited by up to 100,000 users

$15/ month

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1 Year
Your account looks at up to 30,000,000 stories of your CA per day


Up to 1,200,000 users will visit your page

$36/ 1 Year

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What do you get?
Thousands of new visitors
Up to 100,000 account visits per month.
Hit recommended
You will be shown in the recommendations of everyone who visits your page.
Growth of all indicators
The growth of reach, likes, views of your stories and the number of subscribers.
How to start a collaboration ?
You contact us
Get answers to your questions: inform us of the wishes of the target audience, make payment.
We analyze the account and select the audience
Depending on your account, we give recommendations for improving your account, select donors among accounts, geo, hashtags.
We start mass stories viewing
Among the selected donors, the algorithm begins to search for users who uploaded stories and browses them.
We analyze the results and improve performance.
The most crucial moment is the analysis of donors. We leave the most effective sources.
The history of Masslushing.
Since its inception, Instagram has been side by side with different ways to automate account actions . Let's plunge into history in order to understand what awaits us next.


Not many people know that before there were no subscription limits (a method called massfollowing ). Thanks to this method, it was possible to gain a million subscribers in a matter of days. Next, an account with a million subscribers sold for $ 200 (now the cost of an account with a million subscribersoften exceeds $ 100,000). Back in 2014, using mass follow, it was possible to make more than 2.5k subscriptions per day and make more than 6k subscriptions in 24 hours. At that time, this method was most widely used and was the main way to recruit subscribers before the advent of targeted advertising. Over time, everyone began to use this method and its effectiveness began to decline. At the moment, it is better to abandon this method completely, since it does not bring results and harms the reputation.

Mass Liking It

appeared simultaneously with mass follow and was its soft form, initially it brought less results and practically outlived itself, since it practically does not lead to the growth of subscribers. Got a second wind thanks to its modification in Cycling.(read on).

Massive cycling An

organic way to increase engagement implemented in the LIKEFINITY service. First of all, it is aimed at working with its own audience, and later on with the audience of competitors. As you know, Instagram has an algorithmic feed now, and only a small part of subscribers see account posts. Thanks to the method, you can get an extra touch with each user. When a subscriber goes over and interacts with your content, you will more often appear in his feed. Due to the fact that more users like you, your ER rises and you more often get into the recommended one, as a result a larger percentage of subscribers see you. Also methodincreases the conversion to purchase and circulation, because you are always in front of the client, because you constantly like new publications.


The method of mass viewing user stories Instagram began to gain popularity quite recently, despite the fact that it became known more than two years ago. This is due to the fact that the stories were not so popular then and not so many users posted them on their account. At the moment, everything has changed, and massage.Begin to use popular bloggers and stars, commercial and personal accounts. Of course, now you can achieve maximum results and achieve page traffic growth for tens of thousands of users. As it spreads and over time, efficiency will decrease. But in our opinion, the technology will not be relevant for one to two years. It is unlikely that there will be a better time to launch mass viewing than now. Be careful not to bite your elbows because of a missed opportunity.
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